Technical support

Do you have any questions about D-Controls Plus App or D-Controls hardware?
We have sorted out some A&Q's as flowing, hoping to help you.

Guide for first-time user
download D-Controls Plus APP
download D-Controls Plus APP from Apple store or Android App store.
1. Click “add user” at the left bottom of the launch interface, set up the account and password;
2. It’s only possible to register with mainland China phone number.
Log into the APP, click “Search new equipment” in the set-up interface. After the KNX is found, it takes only a few minutes (the corresponding initialization file is downloaded from cloud server) for you to realize the control of your home.
1. Insure that router and mobile phone is connected to internet;
2. The control of home is only realized when the correct initialization file is downloaded. Remark: Normally the initialization file will be downloaded automatically. If it does not happen, please contact the distributor or the property management company. In case the smart system is run in the whole community, the file should be downloaded by scanning QR code.
the authorization is given by administrator only.
The user who adds KNX at first place is regarded as administrator. The other users need to have invitation code from administrator to be able to control the system. The invitation code can be found in the set-up interface (Invitation letter is generated only by the administrator).
1. If the text “The equipment has been registered already. Please contact Admin ***” jumps out during the equipment search, the user could only scan the invitation code from the administrator to be able to add the hardware;
2. Administrator is also able to delete group members who will then lose the control of the hardware;
3. When deleting the hardware, the administrator is not able to control the system any more. The administration goes to second registered member.

Video for engineers

The following videos answer the common questions the commissioning engineers might encounter.

Engineers to debug
The user instructions
The App introduce